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Manfred Franz Friedrich Wimmershoff, artist, inventor, and teacher. 

M. Wimmershoff steht am Geländer in der offenen Galerie des Victor's Residenz-Hotels Berlin-Friedrichshain

He did his A-levels at the grammar school Johann-Gottfried-Herder in Cologne. After his time with the German army (Bundeswehr) he studied arts/aesthetics, pedagogy and mathematics. Apart from teaching arts and maths at a grammar school he temporarily worked as lecturer at Jugendkunstschule Leverkusen. Additionally, he closely worked together with different museums in Cologne and the museum for modern art in Leverkusen. Since 2011 he has been working as free-lance artist in Germany, Austria and the USA.

All of his art has got something in common: the origins are based on aleatory. This means his pictures do not depict nature but create new realities of their own. These new artistic realities are not less important than natural realities. The viewer shall be encouraged to follow the his or her own emotions and associations when looking at the pictures. This process depends heavily on the observer’s background or his personal feelings on the specific day. This offers a wide and always changing variety of interpretation.

Since 1 st August 2018, Manfred Franz Friedrich Wimmershoff runs his own gallery at the Villa Wimmershoff. Here, visitors can have a look at his pictures, installations and inventions by appointment only. The house – lovingly created and decorated – contains the artist’s studio and an exhibition of nearly 40 pieces of art. Manfred Franz Friedrich Wimmershoff created the plans to convert and enlarge the house, that was built in 1967, so that it has become a piece of art itself. The exhibited pictures are unsalable unique specimen which were printed on canvas using latex paint.

Wappen der Villa Wimmershoff aus Mamor im Boden der Villa

Foto der Villa Wimmershoff von außen

Foto eines künsterischen Esstisches mit Kronleuchter