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- neue Tatsächlichkeiten -

 Welcome to Wimmershoff-Arts
Unique  pictures in diferent sizes

Künstler sitzt vor einem Kamin, ein Bild daneben auf einer Staffelei.

The images shall stimulate the viewer’s fantasy and evoke new aspects. The names of the pictures given by the artist reveal his associations when looking at his own work. The pictures are created in such a way that one is enticed to look at them for long. This leads to the fact that the observer compares the images of his/her memory with the reality of the depictions. There is lots to discover: e.g. faces, animals, plants or landscapes.

Meine Kunstwerke sind keine Abbilder der Natur, sondern neue Tatsächlichkeiten - gleichwertig mit den Tatsächlichkeiten der Natur.

You can see the pictures in my gallery Wimmershoff-Arts in Odenthal.

Potential buyers are able to commission pictures to their own liking of colours and structures. The prices are quoted depending on e.g. size and expenditure. To order feel free to use the button Online-Shop in the menue! More pictures you can find in my account on Instagram.